Faculty Conversion to 9 Month Appointment

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Guidelines for Faculty Requesting a Change from a 12-month Appointment to a 9-month Appointment

March 2011

Faculty members who are in good standing may request a change in appointment from a 12-month to a 9-month appointment. If granted a 9-month appointment, the faculty member’s salary remains the same, but the appointment allows the faculty member to raise funds for up to 2.5 months of additional summer salary, effectively giving him or her an increase in pay. Changing appointments is a privilege, not a right. Faculty on 9-month appointments do not accrue vacation; they are expected to be at work during the regular academic calendar year unless traveling to a conference or other business-related function. Please consult the Faculty Handbook ( for details on policy regarding absence from campus.

Faculty members interested in changing their appointment to 9-months should make an official request to their Department Chair. The request should include a letter or email explaining the request, the merits of such a change, and a current CV. The Chair will then submit the request materials to the Senior Associate Deans’ Office, along with his or her endorsement. If the Chair does not endorse the request, the Chair should submit the materials to the Senior Associate Deans’ Office along with an explanation for the negative endorsement. The Senior Associate Dean will consult with the Dean and make a decision regarding the request. The Chair will be notified of the decision.

Positive decisions require a letter from the Chair to the faculty member notifying them of the change in appointment with a copy to CALS HR. CALS HR will process the change.