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Service Level Commitment

The documents on this page detail the services and levels of support offered by CALS-OIT.

  1. Service Level Commitment
    1. 9 Dec 2016 - Clarified that criteria for support are listed in the Computer Support Levels and Software Support Lifecycle documents below.
  2. Computer Support Levels
    1. 31 Aug 2016 - Clarified that Silver Support does not exceed 5 years from purchase date.
  3. Software Support Lifecycle
    1. 30 May 2017 - EoL for Vista and below, Mac OS 10.9 ond below, added Ubuntu and centOS support details.
    2. 7 Nov 2016 - Windows 10 became the default Windows OS deployed in CALS.
    3. 17 Aug 2016 - Promulgated this document.
  4. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) resources