Mac issue with Spirion

Attention all Mac users in CALS

Some of you got a prompt on your screen about NOT rebooting your computer and CALS-OIT wants to confirm that this is a legitimate warning. If you saw this warning, please do NOT reboot until we have been in touch with you.

Check this page for updates about the situation.

Update Monday June 24

To prevent the macOS Spirion boot issue

  1. While the computer is still turned on, choose Apple menu  > System Preferences from the top-left corner of your screen
  2. Click Startup Disk

  1. Click the lock in the bottom left-corner and enter your Mac login password.

  1. Select your Mac’s internal disk (typically named “Macintosh HD” as seen here) and click Restart.

  1. You will see the confirmation message below. Click Restart once again.

To fix the macOS Spirion boot issue if you currently cannot boot

  1. Print these pages so you can refer to them later.
  2. If your Mac is currently displaying the “prohibitory symbol” below, press and hold your Mac’s power button for at least 10 seconds to ensure it is fully powered off.
  3. Press and hold the Command() + R keys and then press your Mac’s power button to turn it on. Continue holding the Command() + R keys until the Apple logo appears, then release the keys. You will be brought to macOS Recovery where you should see the screen below.
  4. MacOS utilities
  5. Choose Apple menu  > Startup Disk from the top-left of the screen
  6. Select your Mac’s internal disk (typically named “Macintosh HD”) and click Restart…
    Note: If your Mac is encrypted, you will first be prompted to enter your Mac login password.

Why should I avoid restarting?

If you are affected by this problem and you restart your computer will likely not boot successfully. CALS-OIT has been able to repair all computers to date that are in this state but the fix requires a visit by one of our techs so your computer could be out of service for hours or days depending on our workload.

Am I affected?

You are potentially affected if your computer has (scroll to the bottom of the page for info about how to tell what OS and hard disk configuration you have).

  1. MacOS 10.13 or earlier
  2. An HFS+ formated hard disk
  3. Spirion 10.9 was installed - We are removing Spririon from affected Macs, so even if you don't have it now you likely did earlier this week.

What is CALS-OIT doing about this?

We are removing Spririon from all potentially affected Mac computers and will re-install it after we have, and have tested, a new version of the Spirion application for Mac computers.

Why did this happen?

CIT pushed an update to Spirion that was not well tested by the vendor to account for the above configuration. They have published an alert with further details and will be sharing a root cause analysis after the issue is resolved so we can all work toward avoiding situations like this in the future.


To see what version of Mac OS you have, click the Apple menu and then "About this Mac"

About this mac







If you see Version 10.13 or lower, you are potentially affected.

Mas OS version

To see if you have an HFS+ formatted disk, launch Disk Utility.

Launch disk utility

If your Macintosh HD is labeled "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" you are potentially affected.

disk format