Windows optional and scheduled installs

The Windows Software Center is a component of Microsoft Windows that enables CALS-OIT to offer and install software applications, updates and changes to your managed windows computer. In the near future, we will reduce the amount of emails we send out about software updates and focus our communications about many (though not all) updates on Software Center. Using Software Center will be beneficial to you in a number of ways:

  1. Update notifications will always show on the relevant computer, you won't need to figure out which computer name, model or serial number is to be impacted as the dialog will only show on relevant computer(s).
  2. For computers with multiple users, the updates will appear to anyone who is logged in. You don't have to worry about critical notifications sitting in a lab member's email inbox.
  3. In addition to pushed installations and changes, we will also begin offering useful applications in the software center.

For security awareness, we have set up this system to allow you to have more confidence installing necessary updates:

  1. Branded the Microsoft Windows Software Center on CALS-OIT managed PCs to show the CALS logo (see the bottom image on this page, for an example)
  2. All applications and deployment packages will follow a standard template so you have all the necessary info (that you would have previously seen in an email) embedded directly in the offer.
  3. All packages will be titled AG-PackageOrApplicationName.


To install optional application or pre-install, at your convenience, required packages simply

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Type "Software Center" (without quotes)
  3. Click on Software Center

How to access software center

You can right click Software Center in the above menu or once it is open in the Taskbar (at the bottom of your screen) to pin it to your Start Menu or Taskbar.

Optional installs will be displayed under Applications on the left sidebar.  Choose what you need and follow the prompts.

Software Center applications