Display Email Headers

Outlook 2013/2016 on a PC

1. Double-click the message for which you want to view full Internet headers.

2. Click the little arrow on the bottom right of the Tags tab to display the Message Options dialog box.

3. Message headers are displayed at the bottom.

4. Click anywhere on text, press Ctrl+A, then Ctrl+C to copy all the text.  Use Ctrl+V to paste the text into a new message to send to IT.


Outlook 2011/2016 for Mac

1. Select the message whose headers you want to view.

2. Right-click (or Control-click) on the message and choose View Source.

3. Message headers appear at the top of the text document that opens.

4. Press Command+A then Comand+C to copy the text.

5. Create a new message, use Command+V to paste the text into it and send it to IT.


Outlook Web Access - OWA

1. Double-click the message you want to view headers for.

2. Click the down facing arrow next to Reply all and choose View message details

3.  Press Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C.

4. Create a new message and use Ctrl+V to paste the contents into it and send it to IT.