Dell Service Tag

Knowing your Serial number (Dell calls them service tag numbers) can help us be sure we are all talking about the same computer, provides info about warranty status and identifies your computer on the network.

Below are some examples of what Dell Service Tag (Svc Tag or Serial Number) stickers look like.


newer desktops

newer laptops


older desktops


older laptops

really old desktops-the tag is under the grey clamshell hatch

really old desktops-view underneath the grey clamshell hatch



You can also go to a command line and paste the below command.

wmic bios get serial number

it should return your serial number

To get to a command line:

Win 7 = Windows Orb – in the “Search Programs and Files” box type CMD and then hit the enter key

Win 10 = Type CMD in “Search the web and Windows” field

Once you have your Dell Service tag number you can also click the following link to find out what is your computer’s warranty status.