Check Your EZ Backup Configuration - Windows

1. Click the Start button, select All Programs, Open the Tivoli Storage Manager folder and select the Backup-Archive GUI.

1a. If prompted, click Yes to allow the program to make changes to the computer.

2. From the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager window, select Actions then Backup.

3. Expand the folder structure from Local to the name of your computer (ex. \\ag-DEPT-Serial#\ ), choosing the one ending in “c$”.  Then expand the folder named Users, then the folder for your user name (usually your NetID).

4. Expand and view the contents of subfolders like Desktop, Documents, Pictures, etc. and ensure there are files displayed in the pane to the right. They should *not* have a ‘do not enter’ symbol on them.

5. Expand and view the folder named ‘System Volume Information’. This folder is typically not backed up, so you should see example files with the ‘do not enter’ symbol on them.

This is a good method to visually confirm what is being backed up on your system.  Also keep an eye out for EZ Backup failure notification emails in your inbox or junk mail folders:

If the Days Ago period exceeds the length of time the computer has been left turned on during its backup interval (usually either midday or overnight), submit a help request ticket at so we can look into what might be failing.  Please copy and paste the contents of the notification email into the Issue Details so we have all the pertinent information.