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Software Solution Request

Software Solution & CRM - Project Request Form


This form will provide members of the CALS community with information about the purpose of the project request form and guidelines for completing and submitting the form.


The project request form is used to initiate the planning process for Information Technology (IT) software development projects at CALS. The objective of this process is to formalize the steps by which new project requests are initiated.


  • Forms should provide enough information to establish a good understanding of what the project is and why it needs to be done.
  • Depending on the project, additional detailed information may be requested.

If the project is approved, more information will be collected and used to complete the next steps, including a University Statement of Need, and if necessary a Project Charter.

A project request may be submitted by any member of the CALS community in conjunction with a sponsoring Administrative Manager.  Forms should be submitted in the manner outlined on the Project Request Form. Once a Project Request Form has been received the form will begin to move through the Project Request review process. Once enough information is collected and reviewed as documented, the request will be approved or denied. The requester will then be notified of the outcome.