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Facilities Master Plan

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has conducted a Facilities Master Plan (CALS FMP) to guide the development and use of CALS physical assets. The successful implementation of the CALS academic mission requires a physical environment that effectively supports the key activities of teaching, research, and extension. Through the development of a plan for CALS space, buildings and lands, and a corresponding implementation framework, the Facilities Master Plan provides a comprehensive strategy for CALS facility renewal.

This comprehensive plan provides CALS with several tools for managing its space and land resources, including:

  • A structured planning response to development & capital repair/rehabilitation priorities;
  • A framework for managing changing needs over time;
  • A road map for making and implementing decisions about space;
  • Definition of standards that provide a functional and equitable system for allocating space; and,
  • An advocacy document to support the case for implementation.

For a project summary, please explore this website or download the completed CALS Facility Master Plan (pdf).

Peter Paradise

Assistant Dean for Capital Projects and Facilities Services
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences