Activity Insight

Activity Insight is the tool that CALS (along with several other colleges at Cornell) uses to track faculty scholarly activity and accomplishments, and provide content for various websites. The data from Activity Insight are shared with VIVO and applications that feed your public-facing profile on Cornell sites. Accurate and thorough entry of this information is critical. This data is also used to measure departmental productivity.

Activity Insight is open all year, except for a brief period in the Spring when it is closed for reporting purposes. It is generally advisable to enter items into Activity Insight soon after their completion. Activity Insight may be accessed at

Something to keep in mind about Activity Insight is that it is not necessarily an ideal fit for everything that you do, have done, or will do. It isn’t perfect, but it should meet most of your needs very well. If/when you have questions about Activity Insight please feel free to contact your College Administrator, Dianna Burger (, 607-254-5400).

2016 Reporting Timeline

  • 12/19/2016 – Data Entry Template and Getting Started Document disseminated
  • 01/27/2017 – Deadline to return Data Entry Templates
  • 02/24/2017 – Deadline to complete all data entry on which date user access will be disabled
  • 03/13/2017 – Activity Insight reopens for data entry. 2016 reporting completed