Activity Insight

Activity Insight is the tool that CALS uses to track faculty scholarly activity and accomplishments, and to provide content for various websites and other applications that feed public-facing profiles on Cornell sites. Accurate and thorough entry of this information is critical. This data is also used to measure departmental productivity.

Activity Insight is open all year, except for a brief period in the Spring when it is closed for reporting purposes. It is generally advisable to enter items into Activity Insight soon after their completion. Activity Insight may be accessed at

If you have questions about Activity Insight, please feel free to contact your College Administrator, Chris Savino (

Calendar Year 2018 Annual Reporting Timeline

  • 12/21/2018 – Email from Senior Associate Deans sent to department chairs and admin managers for faculty or their assistants to begin entering data into Activity Insight.
  • 12/21/2018 - 'Getting Started' document and 'Activity Data Entry Templates' disseminated with 12/19/18 Email.
  • 01/25/2019 - Deadline to return 'Activity Data Entry Templates'.
  • 03/15/2019 (5:00 PM) – Deadline to complete all data entry and date user access to Activity Insight will be disabled.
  • 03/22/2019 – Activity Insight reopens for data entry. Calendar Year 2018 reporting completed.

Request for ORCIDs

CALS has requested that all faculty, academics, and possibly staff members to obtain an ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) number.  Please see the link to the ORCID instructions within the "Useful Activity Insight Documents" menu on this page.

ORCID is a nonproprietary alphanumeric code to uniquely identify scientific and other academic authors and contributors.  This addresses the problem that names alone are not unique, can be changed, have cultural differences in name order, etc.  The ORCID organization offers an open and independent registry intended to be the accepted standard for contributor identification in research and academic publishing.  ORCID has been growing in popularity since 2012.

Cornell will use ORCIDs and other unique research and publishing identifiers to help understand in what journals faculty are publishing, so that the Library can obtain subscriptions relevant to publishing activities within the University.  CALS and other colleges will be able to mine scholarly publications and automatically report information that is specific to works that are authored by people within the University.