University Faculty Senate RTE Candidate Information

Jonathan Russell-Anelli
Sr. Lecturer

The University Faculty Senate serves to insure that a fair, open and constructive balance of advice and consent is maintained between the Faculty and Administration. It is through wise and informed communication and discussion, which includes insight into all aspects and from all members of our University, that will we continue to advance, grow and lead. As a RTE faculty member, I teach and advise a wide range of student with a diversity of skills, abilities and interests. I have guided small to multi-million dollar research projects to success. I actively support, lead and instruct extension projects/programs at the CALS, County and State level. Due to these experiences, I believe that Faculty serve as an ideal nexus of ideas, perspectives and interests that allows us to remain sensitive to the needs of the students, faculty, staff and administration yet also ensure successful leadership of academic policies and practices. Beyond its role in University educational policy, the UFS also has responsibility to “advice and consult on all major policy issues that are of interest to the faculty”. Shared governance requires us to both speak up to support as well as challenge and then contribute towards solutions. I strongly believe this and through my activities I have contributed to finding shared purpose and seen the benefits of its success. It may not be easy to get there, but it is together that we face everything from a changing educational landscape through student housing, tuition and hunger, to research/educational funding and outside issues of climate change and external funding influences. Shared governance to navigate to a wise and strategic direction will take fair, insightful, open minded, informed and experienced people with a talent for listening and a willingness to work. I believe I am that person and I am hoping for your support.

Magdalen Lindeberg
Sr. Research Associate

I am interested in running for the University Faculty Senate. As a member of the SIPS administration, I am particularly qualified to represent the interests of the School as a whole without partiality to a specific Section, and will value the opportunity to make connections on behalf of the School with faculty across campus. Additionally, I have been a Senior Research Associate at Cornell for 17 years giving me broad insight into the campus experience of non-tenured faculty and areas where that experience can be improved.

Jeremy Thompson
Sr. Research Associate

I am interested in continuing to improve transparency and accountability across the colleges and university as a whole through effective communication in the form of actively meeting and listening to people and their concerns. I would aim to connect people and their ideas into developing tangible positive change within Cornell.  We have an incredible resource of creative and global-minded individuals on campus that is often overlooked and understated. I have worked in six countries, across three continents, in both the public and academic sectors, picking up languages as I go. I have research, teaching and outreach experience in molecular biology, virology and diagnostics. I enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures and am very grateful for the fact that my career has enabled me to do this.  I want to bring that same flexibility and capacity to work with a diverse group of people, cultures and points of view to Cornell’s shared governance. 

David Orr
Sr. Extension Associate

My name is David Orr and I am a Senior Extension Associate in the College of Agriculture and Life Science and the Director of the Cornell Local Roads Program. The RTE faculty are critical to the success of the University both on campus and beyond. As we transition to the Faculty Senate, it is vital we have strong representation that is able to articulate the needs of the RTE faculty and can communicate those concerns in a clear manner. Our representatives also need to be able to collaborate with the rest of the Senate to help keep Cornell great. My over 20 years at Cornell gives me a broad view of what is, what could be, and what is possible.

Elizabeth Lamb
Sr. Extension Associate

My primary interest in serving as an RTE representative on the University Faculty Senate is to ensure that all faculty (and staff and students in other fora) have a means of getting their points of view heard.  I believe that non-tenure track Research Teaching and Extension faculty are often unsure of their positions in the faculty hierarchy and may therefore be unwilling or unsure how to make their opinions known.  I believe we are strongest when working together towards clear goals, and that there is a wide range of talent and information in the RTE faculty of Cornell that should be involved in reaching those goals.  I have been a Senior Extension Associate in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences with the NYS Integrated Pest Management Program since 2006.

Keith Tidball
Sr. Extension Associate

I have been a member of the non-tenure track faculty cohort since 2003, and have worked tirelessly and collaboratively to continue to bring the need for increasing visibility of and the voice of this faculty cohort to the table. I am proud of the progress my fellows and I within this cohort have made to date, to include these new positions on the faculty senate. At the same time, I am extremely proud of the tenured faculty and academic leadership who have listened to the concerns of the RTE faculty cohort empathetically and have collaboratively moved this issue forward. It is this collaborative and forward -thinking spirit that serves as my motivation to continue to strive for common ground, for the betterment of the collective faculty, and towards ever increasing the effectiveness of the faculty in meeting the University’s mission and the University President’s charge to live each day Cornell’s founding commitment to diversity and equity as central to our identity and our success, and to engage the entire university in the work of building an open, inclusive community whose members communicate effectively across difference.

Roxanne Marino
Sr. Research Associate

I am pleased to have been nominated to stand for election for a seat on the University Faculty Senate, in one of the non-tenure track Research, Teaching, and Extension slots for CALS.  The recent creation of RTE seats on the UFS is a welcome opportunity to improve the functionality and enjoyment of being a RTE faculty member by providing a forum for discussion about the campus-wide issues affecting them.  RTE appointments at Cornell are quite diverse in the position responsibilities, security, and opportunities for growth, but also have some commonalities in challenges and stressors particular to the non-tenure track faculty.  As a University Faculty Senator, I would enjoy serving as part of the team exploring ways to reduce the negative, and enhance the positive aspects of RTE positions, as well as participating in the governance process.  I have worked at Cornell in a research capacity since 1985, and have been a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology since earning my Ph.D. in the Employee Degree Program in 2001.  My position has been purely research, although I have a broad range of experience over the years working with colleagues who teach or do extension work.  I have had no involvement in University governance, but would welcome the opportunity for that type of service.  I am experienced with serving on the board of community organizations such as the Ulysses Philomathic Library and Solar Tompkins / HeatSmart, and I have been engaged with local municipal government for many years as both a volunteer member of committees and advisory boards and as an elected official (Town Board member; Town Supervisor, Ulysses).