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Learn about Global Development's Undergrad-Humphrey Fellow research collaborations at this year’s Humphrey PACT (Practitioner Assistant Collaborative Training) Program Symposium! We'll hear briefly from each PACT research pair and enjoy yummy Thai food and refreshments.

Lightning talks will be presented by the following pairs:

  • Mining Industries & Tropical Ecosystem Conservation and Sustainability in Panama, Javier Hurtado Yow paired with Mira DeGregory
  • Comparative Analysis of Environmental Damage Relief Systems between South Korea and the United States, Hyomi Eom paired with Phillip Goo
  • Rethinking Household Solid Waste in Ethiopia, Semira Beyan paired with Sadie Groberg
  • Lessons of US Agricultural Cooperatives for China, Aijun Yang paired with Lauren Chuhta
  • Evaluating Livelihoods Resilience in Nigeria, Uchenna Amaechina paired with Grace Dorward
  • Researching Sustainable Dairy Farming Policies in the US & EU, Rushan Ozdemir Cifci paired with Sepehra Azami
  • Sister National Parks: Badlands (USA) and Vashlovani Protected Areas (Georgia), Maia Tsignadze paired with Lucy Cao
  • Climate Smart Agriculture in West Africa, Bossombra Kouame paired with Blakely Duskin
  • Building Sustainable Rural Futures in Africa, Ojok Okello paired with Sunny Dandapantula
  • Building a Business Plan for Royal International College of Agriculture in South Sudan, Duku Emmanuel Henry paired with Albert Knoeppfler
  • Raising Awareness for Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Plant Propagation Methods in Suriname, Vanessa Hok paired with Monifa Morgan-Bell

A big thanks to the GDEV Student Advisory Board for hosting this event as part of the TAD-POLE series! Want to learn more about PACT? Read about last year’s research partnerships.

Date & Time

March 7, 2024
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

"Cornell GDEV Student Advisory Board" with globe

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Contact Information

Lynn Morris, Undergraduate coordinator, Global Development

  • lm747 [at]



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