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Now is the lightest you will weigh all year

Sep 27, 2016
For the average person, the time before the start of the holiday season is the low point in an annual weight gain pattern that peaks during the holidays and takes nearly half a year to fully shed. Read more

New York foods entice Capitol Hill lawmakers

Sep 16, 2016
New York Farm Day Sept. 14 served up yogurt, chocolate, duck, whiskey, clams to wine ice cream on Capitol Hill as New York’s agricultural community showed their wares to the legislative community. Read more

Engaged Cornell 2016 Faculty Fellows named

Sep 13, 2016
Twelve faculty members from seven departments have been named Engaged Cornell Faculty Fellows for 2016–17. The program supports faculty who do community-engaged teaching or research. Read more

Warming oceans imperil iconic marine species

Sep 9, 2016
With a warming ocean along the coasts of the United States, many well-known marine species – important culturally and economically – face a uncertain future, according to a new Cornell study in Oceanography. Read more